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Seat Cushions: Eggcrate & Alternate Pressure

Increase the blood circulation in the patient’s legs and buttocks with our top-selling cushions. Find the perfect cushion for wheelchair-bound patients that will provide extra padding to keep them comfortable all day long. Find seating cushions that provide alternate pressure or an affordable eggcrate padding with or without covering. Shop for cork or gel foam cushions and other cushion accessories. One of our most popular selling cushions is the Best Seat Alternation Pressure that comes in two different models: one with a newly designed pump system and the Stage 1 Plus. The Stage 1 Plus is specially designed for those who are confined to seated positions and will meet the needs of patients with pain, sensitive skin, or minor skin breakdown. This cushion is covered in breathable fabric that is already treated to resist soiling or staining. One charge will last 48 hours and can recharge in 2 hours. This cushion also has easy installation. With its cling-type surface, no tie-down is required. 

Portable Travel Seat

Make traveling a bit more comfortable with Best Seat Travellers Cushion. This cushion is ideal for patients who are getting around by wheelchair, or anyone who travels frequently. The aviation industry finds this cushion most suitable, as its patented technology is ideal for piloting. Designed to meet military standards, this portable traveler’s seat is manufactured with a quieter pump and improved electronics. This cushion is designed with a reinforced fiber, operates on 70 hours on one battery charge, and can automatically deflate on demand for easy storage.