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High-Capacity Scales for Healthcare Services

This selection of scales is perfect for the healthcare industry. Weigh patients while they’re still comfortably seated in their wheelchair. Scales are calibrated to deduct the weight of the wheelchair to provide accurate data. The H-O-M Lay-in-bed 400 lb. capacity digital scale is also in stock. Get the Lb/Kg conversion, Lb/Kg lock out, BMI, Zero Out/Tare, Hold/Release, Reweight, Auto Zero, Auto off and more. This scale is useful in medical practices and great for weighing patients who are unable to move. This digital-in-bed-stretcher has the capacity to weigh up to 400 lbs. It has EMR connectivity via USB and serial ports making it easy to transmit data. The lay-in-bed scale is easily transportable as it sits on 4 casters—2 that have locking safety. With this digital scale, no recalibration is needed. Get an accurate weight every single time.

Shop Wheelchair and Bed Scale Options

1st Senior Care offers two versions of wheelchair ramp scales: The ProPlus 2500KL and 2650KL Portable/Folding Wheelchair Scale. Both of these scales have the capacity to hold bariatric weight withstanding up to 1,000 lbs. and can be moved as needed. However, the foldable scale will provide a bit more convenience. These scales have a dependable LCD display that requires zero recalibration. Get a 3-year warranty with the 2650KL model or a 1-year warranty with the 2500KL model. For other weighing options, consider the Rice Lake Weighing System that’s designed as a 4-pad scale that can take the weight of a patient from a wheelchair or bed.