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Transfer Aids: Shower chairs, grab bars, bathroom safety

Bathroom Safety & Transfer Aids

Look at our selection of bathroom safety accessories to keep seniors and immobile patients safe Shop our inventory of grip bars, portable T Handles for showers, toilets and other slippery areas. Make bathing relaxing again with bath benches and medical bath mat.

The bathroom can sometimes be one of the most dangerous rooms for a senior or a person with a medical condition. Wet, slippery surfaces can cause a terrible slip and fall that might take a considerable amount of time to recover from, or unfortunately not at all. Invest in a portable grab bar in different sizes that’s designed to fit smooth and uneven surfaces as well as withstand the damp atmosphere that shower rooms can bring. Install them by the toilet, tub or in the shower. You can even install it in the tub to provide the patient better leverage for getting in and out. With these grip bars, you can avoid the fear of falling. It’s great for travel or temporary hospital stays. No tools are required.

T-Handles and Other Permanent Bar Fixtures by HealthCraft

For more permanent and fixtures, shop the HealthCraft Products that manufacture chrome and nickel-plated towel racks, corner shelves, grip handles, and toilet tissue holders. This line of grip bars has the capacity to support up to 500 lbs. Built with professional-grade construction, these fixtures can be discreetly installed with wall stems and concealed screws. This sleek line of grip bars are perfect for aging seniors who are living alone unattended. Browse other bathroom safety options such as the Stand-Aid PTA Power Toileting Aid that assists patients with muscle limitations to use the bathroom with more ease in order to maintain independence and privacy.