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Walkers and Rollators

Get around with more ease using 1st Senior Care’s selection of rollator walkers. Their large casters are designed for easy mobility useful for indoors and outdoors. To transport an increased amount of weight, shop our Tuffcare rollator. These lightweight, yet durable rollators come in different colors. More aging seniors tend to prefer the ease and lightweight portability they have to offer. With these rollators, seniors and anyone immobile can utilize these rollators for easy transportation. They are designed with two different sets of locking casters. The front set of the casters is larger than the back set because most of the weight of the passenger is transferred to the front. This item is manufactured with two firm grip handles complete with brakes to control the wheels. Our selection of rollators come with a padded platform that offers a nice seat to sit or rest a knee, making this the perfect walker for patients who are temporarily unable to use both of their legs.

The rollator comes with a pouch for users to store their medications and other personal items. Our selection of rollators provides stability that offers users a hands-free option to multi-task.

Rollators for Seniors and Athletes

1st Senior Care’s selection of rollators and walkers are a welcomed alternative to crutches and even the wheelchair. Athletes often incur injuries that require them to stay off their feet. While crutches might be able to provide support, the rollator offers stability and a place for the athlete to rest his or her knee providing some type of relief for their foot or leg.