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Wheelchairs Manual and Electric

Browse our selection of wheelchairs for every individual. Shop from our stock of manual and electric wheelchairs that are manufactured for lumbar support, bariatric capacity, and easy maneuverability. The power wheelchairs that we have in stock are foldable and lightweight for ease of transport.

1st Senior Care offers a variety of traditional wheelchairs. Our top sellers are the bariatric power chair and some of our manual chairs, like the Drive Medical Cirrus IV and the TuffCare 777W. The Bariatric Wheelchair model 930 XLC has the capacity to transport 1,000 lbs. Made in the USA, the chair is designed with height-adjustable armrests that are made of stainless steel clothing guards. You also have the option of selecting a footrest. It can be the standard kind or the elevating leg rest, a feature that’s beneficial to patients with leg injuries. The seat for these chairs has a 20” depth minimum offering patients three seat widths and has a back height of 16” with a 7o angle.

Other Electric Wheelchair Options

Our new line of lightweight, folding power wheelchairs have become a favorite of those who also want a wheelchair that is easy to transport. Facilities that need to accommodate wheelchair-bound individuals like airports or outpatient care clinics might be interested in the Drive TR-37E Steel Transport Wheelchair that is lightweight and can easily be folded away for storage or transport. Other electric chairs offered are the Drive Sunfire Plus EC, the Golden Tech Portable Powerchair, and Alante PowerWheel Chair GP-205F. Shop our selection today!