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Whirlpools & Lift Tubs with Pipeless Technology

Browse our selection of whirlpool tubs manufactured for senior living and those who are in need of nursing assistance. These tubs are most commonly used in senior communities and most commonly purchased by contractors building or remodeling communities. Shop from tubs with Hydro Therapy, Pipeless™ technology and tubs for professional facilities and home care. Buy a Molly Bath Lift, tub mount seating and transfer, or lift bench. The Barrier Free Lena 230 Lifting Bathtub Now with Integrated Disinfection System has the ability to lift patients as high as 40 inches from the bath floor providing ease in getting them in and out of the tub. This feature makes it much easier for the caregiver to provide the patient a thorough bathing ensuring a sufficient amount of safety. This professional bathtub offers the technology the caregiver needs while presenting an inviting and warm look to a home environment. This tub is also equipped with a hydro-massage function holding up to 42-gallons of water.

Tubs with Pipeless Technology

1st Senior Care offers two types of tubs with pipeless technology: the Invacare IH6302G Supine Whirlpool Tub and the New Adjustable Height Supine Whirlpool Tub, Model IH6302GADH designed for efficient disinfection. The IH6302G model is designed with a fixed height while the IH6302GADH comes with an adjustable height function that will reduce the amount of strain on the caregiver and the patient. The PipelessTM Purity technology for both of these models eliminates the chance of any bacteria to grow, providing a clean and germ-free bathing unit while conserving water, chemicals and time. These tubs are also quieter and will stay warm longer. Shop for more tub accessories here.