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Click on the image above to have a virtual conversation with Carrie Tabor, the CEO and founder of 1stSeniorCare! Carrie will talk with you about everything you need to know about the different types of patient lifts, will help you understand which type will better fit your (or your loved ones) needs and will answer any questions you may have about the purchasing process. 

FAQ and Policies


Is it safe to use my credit card?

Yes. 1stSeniorCare enjoys one of the highest security standards available. 1stSeniorCare's website may be used by government entities which require strict security standards. When checking out please note the green colored web address box at the top of your page. This is a color sign that you are on a secure page. Also please note the “open” or “closed”lock at the top of your page.Also please note the VeriSign logo. VeriSign is used by businesses and major banking institutions around the country. We are also members of the Better Business Bureau. The BBB is a long time business that sets high standards for customer service and overall business practices. The BBB regularly monitors their members for compliance.

What if I need to return something?

Returns are accepted on a conditional basis. Please call 1stSeniorCare at 866-822-7348 for a return authorization number and return shipping instructions. Do not return an item without a return authorization number.

How do I return an item?

Some items, like transfer benches, can not be returned if they have been in you possession for longer than 2 weeks. If it is less than 2 weeks you may request an RA #. After receiving your return authorization number, package the item and ship it to the address given to you with your return authorization number. Clearly print the return authorization number on the outside of the box. Please use a shipper that will give you a tracking number (UPS, Fed Ex., DHL, and the USPS for an additional charge). This tracking number can be helpful in expediting your credit.

Are there products that cannot be returned?

Yes. Due to federal regulations toilet seats, commodes, commode chairs, mattresses, bath seats, Batteries, chairs, any upholstered product and other bath safety items  along with customized products cannot be returned, returns are allowed usually within 30 days of ordering.

Can I return a used item?

No. However, if an item is not used it can be returned. An item maybe returned up to 10 days after purchase if not used. The item will be subject to a restocking fee ranging from 15-25%, depending on the manufacturer. The item cannot show any use and must be returned in the original packaging.

Who issues the refund?

1stSeniorCare will issue a refund. 1stSeniorCare must have confirmation from the manufacturer that they have received the item and that the item is in good condition. When 1stSeniorCare receives this confirmation from the manufacturer a credit will be issued. However this may take as long as a month.

How much will be refunded?

If the item is returned in good condition a refund will be issued minus any restocking fees, credit card fees, and shipping fees. The restocking fees are imposed by the manufacturer and cannot be waived by 1stSeniorCare. The credit card fees and shipping fees are also imposed by other third parties and cannot be waived by 1stSeniorCare

What if the product is defective?

If you receive a defective product you will be sent a replacement product promptly.

If my item arrives in a damaged box, what do I do?

The decision is ultimately up to you but 1stSeniorCare would recommend one of two following options:

1.Refuse the shipment and contact 1stSeniorCare telling us the box was damaged .

2.Accept the shipment but clearly write on the shipping documentation that the box was damaged. Please note on the shipping documentation what type of damage was visible. Truckers won't like that you do this but this is your way of protecting yourself so please don't be intimidated. Internal Damage can be claimed with the trucking company if you do that, so we can send replacement parts and the trucking company pays us for the expenses of replacement.

What is White Glove Delivery?

White Glove Delivery is delivery of any item by a third party, contracted through 1stSeniorCare. This third party will deliver your product to either one floor above or one floor below the main entry, will unpack your item, set up the item, make sure the item is working, and remove all packing material. White Glove delivery will contact you to set up a delivery time. White Glove delivery may take up to an additional 7 days. This service is particularly helpful for delivering beds, recliners, and bariatric products. White Glove delivery is an additional charge so please call 1stSeniorCare at: 866-822-7348 for a quote on this service.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes. You will be responsible for shipping, credit card fees, and restocking fees if the item has already shipped. If the item has not been shipped you will be given a full refund. To expect a full refund for something already shipped is expensive to 1stseniorCare.  Please expect to be charged what we are charged.

How quickly do items ship?

Most small items ship within 24-48 hours. Larger items may take 5-14  days, even 30 days on tubs and some treatment tables and lift chairs. Quick Ship items mean that the item leaves the factory in 48 hours. Transit to your location may take 2-7 days depending on your location from the warehouse. Some products in 2013, especially those coming from Canada are taking 3 to 4 weeks to ship.

What is the warranty on my item?

All warranty information should be shown at the bottom of the information page. If you do not see any warranty information please call 1stSeniorCare at: 866-822-7348 for that information.

Will my information be sold to anyone else?

Absolutely not. Your information about your personal situation or about the products you purchase can never be shared with anyone else. HIPP regulations help strictly enforce your privacy. In like manner your credit card information will never be shared. Files are shredded every 6 months for your protection. While for some regularly returning customers that may be an irritation, shredding your information on a regular basis is for your protection.

Will you bill my insurance?

No. While it is important to use your insurance it would also be very expensive for 1stSeniorCare to employ a billing specialist. In order to keep your costs down 1stSeniorCare has chosen not to bill insurances. However 1stSeniorCare does work with insurance companies and will provide you with a sales receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for repayment. Most insurance readily accept a sales receipt and will reimburse you. 1stSeniorCare has been assigned NPI # 1366759599 which is part of a vetting process by the Insurance Institute, and can be submitted when you make your request for coverage. So you know in April 2012, 1stSeniorCare received it's GSA contract.  Contract number V797P2147D. You can see the products on our contract by going to: and put in our copied contract number.

Sales Tax Policy

1stSeniorCare does not charge sales tax on our products as we are located in a sales tax free state.  If one of our manufacturer’s has a presence in a state that we ship to, it is possible that sales tax will be due.  If after a sale, we are notified that sales tax is due, we will request the amount of sales tax we are charged to cover what we are charged.

Do you bill Medicare?

No. Medicare requires that a business have a retail store in order to be Medicare qualified. 1stSeniorCare has chosen not to have a retail store in order to reduce your costs. We maintain a warehouse wih commonly requested items. If you want to use Medicare, 1stSeniorCare recommends the following:

1.Find out from Medicare how much they will pay on an item. Medicare rarely reimburses 100%. (Medicare does not pay for any bath safety items.)

2.Make sure you have, from your physician, a written letter of medical necessity.

3.See how much the item will cost you with a company that will bill your Medicare. Then check back with us. 1stSeniorCare tries to reduce their prices by the amount that Medicare would pay. So, in fact, you may get the item for less from us.

4.Consider taking the amount that Medicare would pay from a medical savings account. That way your medical expenditure is still tax deductible.

We do have a medicaid provider number but have not used it.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. For orders outside the U.S., please submit your order to:

[email protected]

1stSeniorCare will email you in 1-2 business days with the exact shipping costs and estimated delivery times and methods. We accept wire transfer of funds or letters of credit for international orders. We do not accept credit cards for international orders at this time. We must use our own carriers for transit due to our business insurance.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes. Hospitals and schools can FAX their purchase orders, toll free to 866-252-6726, 24H per day. When faxing your purchase order please include the following information:

1.Name, direct dial phone number, and email address of person in accounts payable.

2.Include Ship to information.

 We  request that  this form, be completed due to consumer protection laws, and ask that you have  this form completed and returned to 1stSeniorCare, prior to us  accepting any purchase orders.  Please FAX your completed form to 1stSeniorCare's toll free number 866-252-6726, along with your purchase order.


If you are a business that desires credit with 1stSeniorCare, please return a completed credit application document to us at 866-252-6726, 24H/7 days a week. if desired you may call during West Coast business hours for discussion. Payment terms are net 30 with approved credit.  Approved credit is attained by returning the credit application with one bank reference and 3 trade references. Standard credit terms are requested payment in 20 days from receipt of the item or items.  This allows us to receive the check prior to 30 days.

1stSeniorCare is a certified woman owned small business.  Please see the letter received here. The Oregon Woman Owned Certificate can be found Here

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policies please contact 1stSeniorCare at: 866-822-7348.

1stSeniorCare works to ensure your satisfaction with every purchase. 1stSeniorCare strives to make every purchase the right purchase for our customers.