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Useful Websites

1stSeniorCare desires to assist those capable of staying in their own homes as long as possible with the means to do so safely,  confidently, and economically.  These Useful Websites and informational sites will help you do that. They deserve your support if you are willing to give to them.

Alignable, We recommend local businesses that we support. 

we recommend local business to us


Helpful Product Technology for independent living and an aging-in-place home.

Homeowners Guide to Lightning Safety

 Disaster Preparedness


Preparing for Disasters in Your Home: What to Buy, What to Skip


Emergency Preparedness and Pets


Important Legal Document for Disaster Preparedness


Emergency Preparedness for Seniors


How to Organize and Prepare for Disasters


 Medicare Supplement Insurance

is a great way to offer support to your Medicare plans that often do not cover the full extent of your needs. Work with to get a great rate.

Medicare supplemental insurance covers sections of your MediCare Benefits not covered by Medicare.

How to save your marriage with Marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel, sign up now to receive free advice.

 Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance  

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance is dedicated to serving mesothelioma victims and their families. The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance provides comprehensive information about every aspect of the disease from where you could find asbestos in your home, to being able to speak with a Mesothelioma survivor on our blog.

Viewers will be able to learn about the different treatment options for Mesothelioma and asbestos exposure by clicking on this Mesothelioma Group

There is a resource here too: 

Please visit

They provide step-by-step guidance, cancer support, and a free asbestos information and resource guide! 

Please also visit Or 

Please also visit Asbestos Compensation Fund



Helping mesothelioma victims and their families get compensation through asbestos trust funds for treatment and travel costs.




Viewers will be able to learn about the different treatment options for Mesothelioma and asbestos exposure by clicking on this link. Mesothelioma is an extremely important issue, considering 1 of every 3 veterans are diagnosed with mesothelioma, and 1 out of 125 of those over the age of 50 will be diagnosed with mesothelioma. 

Click here for substance abuse help with the government

Mesothelioma lawyer

We offer comprehensive asbestos and mesothelioma information, along with an emphasis on the legal options available to asbestos victims and their families.

 Marriage Helper

 There is a noticeable uptick in the last 10 years of senior couples who are divorcing. There has been a national uptick in the past 20 years. So we're trying to help more seniors in keeping their vows (and actually wanting to keep their vows). Please visit the site or recommend the site to anyone who could use some encouraging counsel.


Couples Counseling

 Helpful advice for couples who are married or not, The Marriage Counseling Blog publishes new content daily from professional therapists.

 Comfortable Senior Clothing

Silvert's Clothing for the Elderly helps you care for your loved one. Silvert's has wheelchair accessible clothing too! Our soft open back dresses, hospital gowns and incontinence wear slips on easily and looks beautiful. Caregivers love the ease and dignity that our clothing provides. We are the trusted name in many nursing facilities, and we can help you find what you need at an affordable price.

Find many products useful to seniors in the online directory of businesses:

Business.comYour SeniorCare Network helps seniors find quality living options for free and provides an online directory of reliable & safe communities and homes. We have one of the largest databases of Senior Living Communities, In-Home Care Agencies, Acute Care Facilities, Assisted Living Communities, and Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE’s) along with information and links that are pinpointed to the interest of seniors and their families. We have organized it all under one roof for you.

 Clinical Documentation Improvement Program

ChartWise Medical Systems, Inc. offers innovative clinical documentation improvement program.

 Useful Drug Details – provides up-to-date information on the side effects of prescription and over-the-counter medications. Visit the Avandia Lawsuit page for more information about Avandia side effects. also offers medical device safety information which can be found on the Depuy hip recall page page.

 Mesothelioma Prognosis 

 Mesothelioma is one of the deadliest forms of cancer today. Please visit the site,, which can be an excellent resource for you visit to identify the early signs and understand the severity of this disease.  because of the prevalance of this disease, learn more here before it becomes a dire situation for you.

 Visit Housing For Seniors

Housing for is an extensive directory of all senior housing providers, retirement communities, and assisted living facilities in the US & Canada. Their site also includes the web's first Question & Answers community devoted solely to senior housing questions and concerns. Submit a question today! Let others help you find the right place for your loved one.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Center

This website is a comprehensive informational resource on asbestos-related diseases, and was created to help the millions of people who were exposed to asbestos, a cancer causing mineral.

 New Personal Life
NPL Self-Treatment: making use of a NPL healer's energies to break down your own or someone else's blockages. When you think of me (Linda Evans) and ask me: ‘send me energy’ or ‘break my blockages’, the energies in my subconscious mind will perceive this and they will consequently move towards you and break off pieces of patterns in your subconscious mind. You can do this for yourself as well as for somebody else.

  First Aid Cabinets

 Shop a wide selection of fully stocked first aid cabinets for homes, vehicles and offices.
  Assisted Living Facilities in Jersey City

The attractive and spacious Atrium assisted living in Jersey City offers a wealth of amenities to its residents.

This website features original content focused exclusively on elder care and end-of-life matters. Find information on health, daily care, housing, finances, nutrition, legal issues, and other caregiver concerns.

 Senior and Aging Adult Medical Information

To gain understanding and confidence in unfamiliar caregiving situations it is many times helpful to go to current medical journals or publications. A valuable resource with up to date information on Senior Care is the website Guideline on the Care of Alzheimers Patients can be found there.  Also see:
iHEALTH: easy Internet access to important & relevant quality patient compliance, elder & self-care information, products and services.  See them for conveniences used to assure patient compliance.

The Community Outreach team for a substance abuse resource site. Our web guide,, connects individuals struggling with addiction to treatment options, as well as providing valuable information about substance dependency. Our goal is to prevent substance abuse and provide support for families and communities struggling with these issues. Addiction among people 65 and up is often underestimated and under-diagnosed, which can prevent them from getting the help they need.

Love Your Neighbor Ministries

1stSeniorcare supports the ministry of Love Your Neighbor.We have found that those in healthcare settings have a consistent need for encouragement and concern for their changing health needs. This ministry started in Tacoma, Washington more than 25 years ago. If you are aware of an individual who lives in Oregon or Washington who would appreciate a visit or could use some company from these compassionate people, give them a call (503) 491-1899 or write Dave Compton at [email protected]

Love Your Neighbor would appreciate your interest and support.

Who is Love Your Neighbor?

Love Your Neighbor Ministries exists to reach out in compassion to people in the full range of health care settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, retirement communities, Hospice care and private homes. Their purpose, stated simply is "Equipping Churches for Ministries of Compassion." This ministry takes primarily three forms: first, their chaplains provide pastoral care in health care institutions; second, volunteers from local churches are trained for personal and group ministries--mainly to people in nursing and retirement homes; and third, they develop resources for training and equipping both chaplains and volunteers and the general Christian public in issues related to aging and health care. "Our immediate objective is to minister to the people who are facing health changes, but our ministry also includes their families and caregivers as well. "

 In Your Home USA

In Your Home provides a wide range of services to help keep your home safe and comfortable, from simple modifications like grab bars or ramps to larger remodeling projects that help you adapt to changing needs, and on-going repairs and maintenance to preserve your home value. Licensed and insured.


 Weight loss hypnotherapy helps you to reduce weight.

Book your private consultation with a professional hypnotherapist today.

 Home Care Assistance

Home Care Assistance provides the best senior home care, in-home assisted living, eldercare services, and caregivers to a location near you. A wonderful alternative for nursing homes. Click

 CareFree Homecare

Home Care Phoenix - Carefree Homecare places Home Health Aides and In-home Companions for short-term or long-term non-medical in-home care. Click to find a home care location near you!

 * Free Online Hearing Test *

Free Online Hearing Test - offers free online hearing test to determine if you need to see a hearing specialist for further evaluation.

 Home Healthcare Phoenix

Carefree Homecare places Home Health Aides and In-home Companions for short-term or long-term non-medical in-home care.

 Seabridge Walk in Tubs

 Seabridge Walk in Tubs manufactures and installs walk-in bathtubs, allowing seniors to remain in their homes longer and to bathe in dignity, safety and comfort.

 Golden Spike Estates

Golden Spike Estates in Rathdrum, Idaho that maintains and operates the 55+ active adult community, is a member of both the Chambers of Commerce for Coeur d'Alene & Rathdrum

 Home Care with Caregivers For Life 

 We will find a caregiver that fits your family and your specific caregiving needs. You decide whom to hire, and your money goes directly to your caregiver. We offer an alternative to a home care agency.

 The Daily CareLog Caregiving Diary

The Complete Caregiving Management System for Family and Professional Caregivers Designed by a Caregiver, this easy-to-use log book provides one central place to keep all caregiving information and notes for an entire year.  Reduces caregiver stress with improved tracking of patient progress, daily meal/medication schedules, exercise, doctor's appointments, and more.

 Christianet Web Mall

Christianet is a web mall that has a wide variety of products and services listed that are sure to meet the needs of the Senior Caregiving community. Especially visit the websites listed there to find valuable discounts on products and services.

 Healing Well Information Site

 Senior Care Highland Village TX- We offer customized home care services for senior in Highland Village TX area.

 Viewpoint Mobility High Quality Van ConversionsViewpoint Mobility The Vision Wheelchair Van, is America's highest quality rear-entry wheelchair accessible minivan conversion. The Vision modification can be performed on Chrysler, Ford and GM minivans. The Vision modification is preferred because the vehicle manufacturer's unibody design is not compromised. Construction techniques ensure that the vehicle's frame is as perfectly aligned as it was when it came off the production line. Request a copy of Vision's FREE VIDEO and brochure to see all of the benefits and features.

 Assisted Living Phoenix -

We provide inclusive listing of assisted living homes offering a host of senior health care services in Phoenix. Learn more.

 1stSeniorCare Provides quality products at wholesale prices to government agencies. Check out our past performance HERE

1stSeniorCare has GSA contract V797P-2147D

 Health Resource Guide Health Resources

 Office Space Houston

- Oasis medical campus located in the heart of Southwest Houston and Fort Bend County is a resort-style environment with doctors, hospitals, assisted living facilities, senior care services, adult independent living center and much more.

Senior Emporium is a unique on-line shopping experience offering a wide choice of health care products and gifts for seniors, their families and/or caregivers, and those adults that may have some special needs. Our goal is to enhance your lives with an assortment of unique hard to find items that are delivered directly to your door at the most competitive pricing.

Joy Fellowship

A non-denominational church in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, ministering with people who have disabilities. They have a helpful newsletter at their

 At Home Senior Care

 At Home Senior Care is a provider of non-medical home care and companionship for the elderly. Their services enable the elderly to live independently, and it’s At Home where their quality of life is enhanced without the stress of interrupted routines and changes in daily habits. If you are in New Jersey, they would be happy to assist you. Help your loved one to stay at home longer, postponing the emotional stress of moving.  Call them at (888) 440-6100 toll free.

 Senior DiscountsFind over 125,000 discounts for people over 50! Search our list of current discounts in your local area or nationwide -- save on everything from airline tickets to golf to health benefits and retail stores. Also, look for our new SeniorDiscounts Card, which will be coming soon. Life Alert Life Alert provides medical emergency response alert in life threatening events. Life Alert is the only company endorsed by C. Everett Koop, MD, former US Surgeon General. Life Alert appears on TV and in AARP magazine.  Life Alert serves the communities inBeverly Hills and in the states of New York, New Jersey , Eastern Florida, and Western Florida.  Life Alertmembers enjoy independent home living for an average of an extra 6 years.  Visit the Life Alert websites to learn more.

Find Hearing Aid Information here Find Current information about hearing aids and hearing testing.

 YoYsearch A web portal with ten types of searches, for your convenience.

Wheelchairs & Electric Wheelchairs information and helpful hints.Your best choice for help on wheelchairs, wheelchair accessories, electric wheel chairs and other disability products information.

 Wheelchair Lifts, Scooter Lifts, and Vertical Platform Lifts

 Seniors Services in Canada listing

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Weight loss hypnotherapy helps you to reduce weight. Book your private consultation with a professional hypnotherapist today.

   Eyelid Surgery Tampa

  For an eyelid lift Tampa Florida's best choice is Dr. Lawrence Kass, Oculofacial plastic surgeon.


Pension Help

We help seniors get a higher pensions

1stSeniorCare has added this link as a courtesy to customers desiring to rent Hospital Beds. 1stSeniorCare does not rent Hospital Beds.

  Hospital Bed Rental

We provide valuable details about renting an hospital bed.

 Nursing Home Injury Laws

Compilation of nursing home and long-term care laws organized by state with links to government agencies.

Jersey City Dentist -

 Summit Dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, bridges, tooth whitening, family dentistry, porcelain veneers, root canals, bonding & crowns. Serving Summit, New Providence, Springfield, Millburn, Madison & Union County, New Jersey.

 Disaster Preparedness

- A complete selection of equipment, clothing, blankets, first aid supplies and other emergency products to provide full disaster preparedness in homes, offices and schools.

 A Comprehensive Guide on Legal Topics connects you with the latest information on a variety of legal topics, ranging from personal injury, drug side effects, defective medical devices to maritime law and criminal defense. With a whole section dedicated to defective hip implants, visitors can find useful information about recalled hip replacements, like the Depuy ASR hip implants or the Zimmer Durom Cup component, including associated problems, safety warnings and lawsuit information.

 Visit FitnessExpostores

Buy exercise equipment, treadmills of brands like Life Fitness and Precor.

 Creative Smiles Dental Care

Creative Smiles Dental is proud to provide cosmetic dental service to all of the Metro New Orleans area.

 Insurance Malpractice

- Dentist insurance specialist, leading dental malpractice insurance companies can't compete with EDIC professional liability insurance company. Our dental malpractice insurance means peace of mind.

 Melbourne Acupuncture

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine at Melbourne’s Vital Integrated Health Clinic! Consult Yvonne Roddy for your fertility, miscarriage, pregnancy related issues. For more details visit their website

 Symptoms of Alzheimers

 Worried about memory loss? Memory loss can be an indicator of the early onset of dementia and Alzheimer's. It's important to know and understand the symptoms of Alzheimers as this will help future tests and result in an accurate diagnosis as early as possible.

 Capnocheck Ii 

 Medical Device Depot offers quality medical equipment for physicians and health care professionals at the lowest possible costs.

Cosmetic Dental Consultation in Baton Rouge
- Our dental clinic provides you with quality general and cosmetic dentist services in Baton Rouge that you deserve.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Learn how to tell if someone is suffering from sleep apnea and natural cures that can help treat this condition.

 Causes of Schizophrenia

 The exact causes of schizophrenia are unknown but popular opnion and researchers believe it can result from vulnerability to the disease itself in a sociological and psychological life.

 Schizophrenia Support

It is important to give schizophrenia support to people suffering with the disease. Mental health service professionals will direct someone with schizophrenia and those that care for them to suitable local resources.

Medical Billing Services

Medical billing services through HIPAA compliant medical billing software offers more efficient and effective way to manage your healthcare practice with improved revenue cycle.


 Get the best Botox treatment offered by The Green Room in Bournemouth UK. The Green Room is an exclusive approach which harmonizes all feature of internal and external beauty to dramatically improve your overall health and liveliness.

 Luxury Spa Breaks Devon

Luxury spa breaks in Devon don't come any better than those at Lorrens Health Hydro in Torquay, Devon. From the moment you cross our threshold you will be spoiled and pampered, until leaving us fully refreshed and revitalized! Book your luxury spa break in Devon with us!

Beauty Therapy Courses 

The Open Beauty Learning Programme offers some of the best beauty therapy courses in UK. Their intensive beauty therapy training courses can be used for beginners or is used as an updated course for qualified therapists.

Ibogatreatment in the Netherlands
 Ibogatreatment A very good setting to do the Ibogaceremony is in the Netherlands. The Ibogaceremony will be held there in a luxurious bungalow.


Fast shampoo, formerly named shampoo hair growth , accelerates hair growth for longer and stronger hair.

Hypnotherapy Melbourne Get the best hypnotherapy treatment in Melbourne at Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy! Contact them and take the best treatment with qualified therapist. Call at 613 98533221 and book your private consultation.

 Other useful websites